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  1. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    SO i have a few plans for 2015, and several things i want to do
    1. prune all inactives from most usergroups
    2. have contests occur monthly or every other month.
    3. lock contests to contributor or above, adding more incentive to be in those groups
    4. add sec mod usergroup with access to user reports (mostly complete trying to find a color scheme for it) (credit goes to tech geek for the idea)
    5. encourage activity for sec mods and mod
    6. promote deserving people to higher groups
    7. clean out prems areas of dead contest
    8. clean out configs areas of dead configs
    9. get cracking forum crackin again
    10. make it so noone calls the place dead any more

    any questions?
  2. s1ngleee

    s1ngleee Booo Regular Member

    Been waiting to hear this from over a year. Great news!
  3. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    anyone have suggestions for a sec mod color?
  4. Jhonboy

    Jhonboy Banned User Banned

    Great News and cf need to Active members..........Great idea Omnion Gud Luck
  5. ravel24

    ravel24 New Member Regular Member

    pink, they will love it :lol:
    I hear again about changes, but I stop my enthusiasm, until I would see it happens.
  6. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    pink is taken already :p'
    i would use yellow, but people might think they are vips
    i would use green, but people might think they are full mods
    im thinking about using icons
  7. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    also there is a reason i went this particular set of things, i can do most of this by myself without needing help or coding, meaning this stuff can get dne
  8. Tech_Geek

    Tech_Geek Well-Known Member Regular Member

    how about a brown colour for the new mods? It isn't taken i don't think but will stand out
  9. Jhonboy

    Jhonboy Banned User Banned

    Dark brown color of the new Mod....
  10. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    can someone give me a good hex code?
  11. Tech_Geek

    Tech_Geek Well-Known Member Regular Member

    #734A12 should work, unless someone knows a better one
  12. ASIA

    ASIA Elite Member

    If A moderator colour is Dark green then i like a this colour for Sectional Moderator..

  13. seeweed

    seeweed V.I.P. Member V.I.P.

    the reason this place is nearly always dead is because there is no community. everyone just gets/does what they need and gets out. if you had community forums(FORUMS! no sub-forums!) such as gaming, media, sports, funny stuff, and member pictures, maybe there would be activity and lots of it.

    as of right now, i have no reason to stick around because i don't crack...hence why i'm VIP.

    i've told geo this in the past. i do think it's way too late to do this, but try it. this site could catch lightning.
  14. Mr. James Bond

    Mr. James Bond Moderator Staff Member Moderator Administrator

    I am happy to see all this plans for the future of CF. Most likely they guarantee CF will be even better than it is now. Therefore, I took freedom to say my opinion about them and add some suggestions.

    So for a start, no one "can live thanks too being active in the past". It is ok to make an pause or be away for some time but not for eternity. Every inactivity has it's own reasons but it can not last forever. So I am fully agree with the pruning of inactive members.

    Contest is one of the good tools to motivate members to be more active. Personally me, think it would be better that contest continue to be held every month. Every second month is a bit to long period. Now, I am not sure how good is to lock them to all members leaving them opened only for the ones with higher ranks. Every concept has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, I don't know how many basic members took part in the previous ones so making them available only for highers has sense.

    Speaking about the contest I would like to add some suggestions. Not sure is it possible to introduce some annual awards. I am not sure what could be the prizes but every type of recognition, praise or entitling would means a lot to the member that won it (deserved). Especially if they are published or posted somewhere where everyone can see them. And speaking about them these could be just some of examples:
    * member with most useful threads,
    * helper of the year,
    * contributor of the year,
    * cracker of the year,
    * member with the fastest rank advance,
    * thread reporter of the year,
    * cf promoter of the year (by number of referred members)
    * sb member of the year (most active member in SB)
    * bad ass of the year (banned or expelled members)
    .... I am sure you can think of some others too

    Is nice to see there are going to be new sec mods. I would like that their assignment (placement) is done equally all around the CF board so every section of it would have other mod (just like it was before). That will save time for all of us and make the board even cleaner than it is now. And, by doing so, there will be no need for the 7th. & 8th. tasks in your post in the future.

    I will not comment 6th. & 10th. because we all agree with that. What I would like to add is another 2 suggestions about making members more incentive and motivating them to be more active.

    As first (and I already talked about it long time ago within an other suggestion thread which i can not find atm) I think members should know more precisely what rank status (member group) gives them when they achieve it. Where will they have access, what new options they will have etc... Also it will be better if basic members would know what exactly they have to do in order to achieve them. I am not talking about exactly numbers but some hints in general so they could focus their activity to their desired goals. Atm, the only thread that describes user groups (member ranks) is the one here http://crackingforum.com/announcements-updates/29320-about-usergroups-cf.html which is only general description of the groups. It does not say anything about how to get there and, what is even more important, what are benefits of becoming member of them. Without a clear idea what do they need to do and what will they get when achieving it basic members would be mostly interested to get what they want and log out most likely....

    As the second, I saw some other boards have the option of some badges and medals as additional tool to give recognition to the active members. I am not sure is this possible to make here at CF but I am sure this is also an great tool to make members more proud of themself and make them more visible to the others. They can be given beside or as addition to the annual awards which I have suggested few lines above.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the changes and I will be happy to see them all :)
  15. PCManiac

    PCManiac Lol 'R Us

    Finally some good news! :D

    I have stated many times in the past, we should take other boards as example (am not sure how GJ is doing since I haven't been there ever since my resignation) [this to add up to Bond's suggestion].

    It is good to have recognition from the community but is a bigger gratification to have the recognition from the higher ranks.
    (Am sure some of the good half-active persons around would get more active if they would see a "Thanks to X, Y and Z for their great contributions!"..)

    Anyway, as I said before, glad to see these news! :D
    May dust off my VMs...
  16. _Cabal_

    _Cabal_ Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Just a thought about cleaning the sections of dead stuff, I actually thing it goes for all sections, there are thousands and thousands of posts that need to go all over the place.

    And when its beeing done for the love of god take cf offline for the duration and do it all at once, doesnt matter if it takes a day or a month.

    Seen plenty of places that tried to do it a little at a time, and no good have ever come of that.
  17. WetToiletPaper

    WetToiletPaper Well-Known Member Regular Member

    You were asking about what Color to use.

    Well I think you should start with a Lighter Color and the Higher you go the Darker the Color gets. And You could use different Colors for different things.

    Icons are also good idea, you could have different icons for higher Status.

    What about Chess pieces, You could start out as a Pawn.
  18. cullone

    cullone <img src="http://i.imgur.com/dYLsM.gif" /> Regular Member

    Pink is already used by GFX. xD

    For a second mod color, I think this one would be cool (see code inside).
  19. PCManiac

    PCManiac Lol 'R Us

    IMO, that g ets confused with admin color cullone..

    How active has been the "Respected" Group?..
    Maybe you could steal our color...
  20. khanviprasys

    khanviprasys Well-Known Member Regular Member

    everything is good. just want to replace number 9 and 10 at number 1 and 2. cheers

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