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  1. tES

    tES Phu'nK

    Account Checkers :

    A special group that helps keep CF clean.They check account sections for dead accounts and trash dead ones,so you could find the account you are looking for quickly.

    Administrators :

    These are the people who ban,promote,demote other users.They even know which color undies you are wearing..or even wearing one at all.They can do just about everything.In other words they are downright sexy ! Just don't mess up with them. :horny:

    Coding Team :

    These talented bitches make programs for us to crack sites.Don' be afraid if you see some of them acting high like they are on dope in shoutbox.They are just like that.Years of coding has made there brain go in trance.

    Cracking Team :

    These people are outlaws.They crack sites,make configs,share accounts,fulfill requests and some even say "Happy Hour" and gift accounts in shoutbox.Basically they got everything you strive to be.And yea some have super awesome wordlists (I don't know from where they get that :shifty: )

    Developer :

    I still don't know what these guys do. xD Well going by name it says it all they develop some crap in something good.Nevertheless the peeps in this group are all cool. :)

    Elite Member :

    These are the regular users who have helped CF and its users,GAINED respect from others and hence they are ELITE.
    Elite status is to be earned its not gifted.

    GFX Team :

    Want sig ? Want avatar ? These are the guys you should look for.These guys make sexy graphics stuff and so a sexy color for them.Also got any doubt or wanna improve your GFX skills these are the guys you should contact.

    :king: Head Administrator :

    Teh Owners !!! Rich People with all the permissions.Some can even make you do striptease, and god help you if you deny them. ;)

    Master Crackers :

    These are Big Daddies of Cracking.They know it all !!!

    Moderators :

    These peeps are the ones who are most serious in there jobs.Ever reported a post ? It's these guys who take a look into matter.They help make CF a better place to be.But some spam the reports and post counts to get in top posters at bottom of CF stats. :p But then again they deserve it.Talented people imho.

    Regular Member :

    Regular,Newly registered users..some good...some bad..some fags all fall in this category.

    [​IMG] V.I.P. :

    These people are asset to CF.Get access to special [​IMG] V.I.P. section with more porn accounts than filehosts (fap till you die).They help pay server cost and well...make the owners rich $$$

    Banned Users :
    WHores,Sluts,Dumbfucks,Morons.These are the people who messed up badly and got "STRIKED". Just make sure you dont become one of these.

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  2. Lordie

    Lordie CF Lord

    Awesome stuff lolzie, best :D
  3. EvilPrince

    EvilPrince Well-Known Member Regular Member

    I am In Love With This <3 Moderator <3 and also <3 Elite Member <3

    and also i like these ""But some spam the reports and post counts to get in top posters at bottom of CF stats<< LO:censored:E. But then again they deserve it.Talented people imho"". :lol:
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  4. wht.d.fck.

    wht.d.fck. Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    nice one bro :D good thread!
  5. Beastman

    Beastman The Awesome

    Awesome Thread.Great work tes <3
  6. Pauli

    Pauli Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Nice thread mate <_>
  7. Prince

    Prince Well-Known Member Regular Member

  8. Talk3r

    Talk3r Master Cracker

    Nice Thread :p
  9. AccessDenied

    AccessDenied New Member Regular Member

    This thread made my day!!:D

    Nice one, tES!!!
  10. Khaosmaster

    Khaosmaster Banned User Banned Regular Member

    Great explanation for all the usergroups, tES. You introduced the usergroups perfectly with the attention grabbers. :D
  11. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    awesome post repped
  12. CLoudy

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  13. Dr00g

    Dr00g Master Cracker Retired Regular Member

    Not sure i like being described as a Big Daddy, it makes me sound fat :))

  14. Cricket

    Cricket Active Member Regular Member

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  15. Crazylazycool

    Crazylazycool Retired cracker and GFX artist. Former CF Mod.

    go gfx team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  16. Smudge

    Smudge <img src="http://brianalston.com/images/smallDanci V.I.P.

    Haha some of that stuff made me lol.

    Lordie much? :))
  17. deepxp1xp1

    deepxp1xp1 New Member Regular Member

    Good sense of humor, good to read. I'm loving it<3
  18. Cricket

    Cricket Active Member Regular Member

    Mods & Smudge much?
  19. hogo

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    great thread
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