Contribution Contest Winner Armand22

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Omnion, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    Armand22 has won our contribution contest, and has received 100$. Everyone please give him a well deserved congratulation.

    I am open to doing more of these in the future, with not only a 1st place prize, but some 2nd or 3rd place ones as well
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  2. Midfarintl

    Midfarintl Legacy

    Congratulation Armand22..
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  3. john_

    john_ Bleed Blue Regular Member

    I wonder where was i when this contest was declared... anyways gratz Armand... and CH33RS TO Team CF for showing again why they are different than other similar forums and proving why CF is a leader and others just followers.
  4. richTV

    richTV I'm Rick James, Bitch! Regular Member

    @John, only you would know where you were when the announcement was made. :p

    Contributions Contest

    Armand clearly deserved it, and he helped me a few times personally speaking.

    congrats Armand and also a shout out for the other fellas who shared {Elite, VIP, etc}

    perhaps increase the activity with a 1st {$100}, 2nd{$50}, 3rd{$25} place prizes to increase the number of participants in the future if such a contest occurs again if such funds are available. :)
  5. Skunks

    Skunks Elite Regular Member

    Well done Armand22 congratz
  6. Mr. James Bond

    Mr. James Bond Moderator Staff Member Moderator Administrator

  7. The Magician

    The Magician Man of Mystery Staff Member Administrator

    Congrats and well deserved.
  8. N

    N Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Well, thanks everyone, I´m happy to be the winner :yahoo:, is good to be part of this forum, and the prize arrived in good time.

    I hope, I can be able to continue contributing to the forum.
  9. Jhonboy

    Jhonboy Banned User Banned

  10. richTV

    richTV I'm Rick James, Bitch! Regular Member

    Armand, may I request $10 from you? :spin:

  11. Venom19

    Venom19 Banned User Banned

    Gratz armand (y)
  12. Insid3rZ

    Insid3rZ Elite Member

    Congratz Armand22,.. :beer:
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  13. TrialJohn

    TrialJohn Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Goodjob armand22, well derserved my man
  14. M4D5

    M4D5 Banned User Banned

    Congratz Armand you do well :)
  15. ShAaNIG

    ShAaNIG Well-Known Member Regular Member

    congrats brother
  16. ASIA

    ASIA Elite Member

    ohh armannd again...but congratz..
  17. TekkenGod

    TekkenGod Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Congratz Armand22 hard work pays off! ;) ...
  18. richTV

    richTV I'm Rick James, Bitch! Regular Member

    don't worry ASIA.

    2nd Place winner gets a free 1hr back massage from Jhonboy.

    congrats! (y)
  19. ASIA

    ASIA Elite Member

    Third place goes to Rich lesbian...and got free anal prob from. :alien: ...
  20. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    as i said there will be 2nd and 3rd place rewards for the next one

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