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  1. Omnion

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    I would like to extend a hearty congratulations to our contribution contest winners, Armand22, jhonboy, and ravel24!. As we all know armand22 placed first :p. Jhonboy and ravel24 were neck and neck, but jhon boy takes 2nd place leaving ravel24 a close 3rd. Honorable mentions were tech geek, asia, and venom19.

    Stay tuned for a secondary announcement
  2. N

    N Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Congratz to Johnboy, ravel24, TechGeek, Asia, Venom19, good work (y)
  3. Tech_Geek

    Tech_Geek Well-Known Member Regular Member

    good job armand well done mate
  4. Jhonboy

    Jhonboy Banned User Banned

    97,561 Friend armand22 ravel24, TechGeek, Asia, Venom19, good work<3
  5. ravel24

    ravel24 New Member Regular Member

    contest without bigger surprises I guess, armand a.k.a. cracking machine wins again, oh well :p, maybe I wouldn't expect I will end up in top 3, but It's sure is nice. (y)
  6. ASIA

    ASIA Elite Member

    Contratz armand22 wid his lesbian craking team :horny: , ravel24 , TechGeek , Venom19 and My Lesbian bitch friend Johngay...;P
  7. richTV

    richTV I'm Rick James, Bitch! Regular Member

  8. Mr. James Bond

    Mr. James Bond Moderator Staff Member Moderator Administrator

    Congratulation to the winner. Again more than well deserved :)

    Also, congratulations to the others for taking part in the contest and by doing so, contributing to the CF community in general.

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