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Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Omnion, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    We are implementing some new changes which will affect the elite and vip usergroups. Elites(and staff) may now post their premiums in FPA using ad fly to make some money (its still banned for anyone whos not elite or staff, this includes contributors) however we expect elites to have an activity increase because of this and they will be required to start posting more in vp premiums and more importantly filling vip requests. Also as for vips we have made some changes in the marketplace. after several issues with fraud happening with vips we have decided to limit vip access to the selling portion of the marketplace. VIPs will be unable to sell there until it proven they can crack, and aren't just leeching off the forums and then selling what they leeched. Anyone found to be doing this will be banned. We hope these changes both increase the Activity of the elite usergroup as well as increase the general quality of the vip area of the forums.
  2. ASIA

    ASIA Elite Member

    So only elite or staff can use Ad fly link.
    Thanks for info.....
  3. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    that is correct
  4. McCall

    McCall Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Omnion what about Contributors? can use adf for their account? sorry for ask
  5. The Magician

    The Magician Man of Mystery Staff Member Administrator

    Contributors are different rank from Elite so no.
  6. Djlatino

    Djlatino New Member Regular Member

    Good to know you guys are making some solidified rules.
    I mean, how the fuck do we prove that we crack our own shit? Besides the fact that anyone can get some sentry logs and what not, are you implying that we contribute to the community first before selling? If that's the case, just spit it out and don't hold back. Don't like to see rules getting put up only to find the need to decipher that shit like it's a salted hash.

    So, contribution is needed before selling. Understood, moving on.
  7. KilkennyCat

    KilkennyCat Well-Known Member Regular Member

    The Admins didnt Lock my shop thread...n they dont ask me a proof...but i provided the proof to avoid pblms...i'm verified :cool:
    if you're cracking yourself why you hesitate to give the proofs...lol...it not a big deal......
  8. Djlatino

    Djlatino New Member Regular Member

    Not hesitating at all, I ain't even mad bro, just the way they word shit that makes it so political sounding.

    Weasel Words - Carol Ann Duffy, great poem, read it.

    Nevertheless, I'm down to be all cooperative man, cf since the big db crash brah
  9. Skunks

    Skunks Elite Regular Member

    Some NEW RULES good
    So in free premium acc we can use ad fly link
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  10. Omnion

    Omnion Master of the Ban Hammer Staff Member Head Admin

    I will explain why the market changes are happening. Some dickhead decided to start selling a mtehod of opening a premium shop on HF which was essentially come here buy vp leech start selling the shit you leeched. We banned him and a few of the people who were using his "method" but it remains an onging problem and is much of the reason for a decrease of quality in the vip area

    As for the whole adfly thing no contributors cant use adfly links. and the reason why this was done is so that another incentive to try to become elite was made, and so we would stop seeing elites etc focusing only on the marketplace a the prunes ust cause people to leave when they get demoted insytead of working to keep their rank.
  11. Skunks

    Skunks Elite Regular Member

    That is good steps with marketplace I was scammed 2 times
    How post acc with adfly
    Please with some explanation
  12. richTV

    richTV I'm Rick James, Bitch! Regular Member

    sounds good Omnion. :)
  13. N

    N Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Well, looks like I'm going to lose my rank, all because my fucking PC problems that don't allow me to crack anything, but rules are rules, so I'm ok with that.
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  14. Mr. James Bond

    Mr. James Bond Moderator Staff Member Moderator Administrator

    I think marketplace rules description (topic) should be updated as well the rules are :)
  15. nothere

    nothere New Member Regular Member

    Question...... I been a member here for a long time now and I bought VIP like 2 times because I don't really crack or anything. Most of my home here I just buy from sellers and they most will remember me. Anyways, what I want to know is, I recently decided I want to sell account that I have that are NOT cracked or stolen from anyone or anywhere. These are account for HBO GO, Starz play, Max go and some others premier channel online streaming or phone apps accounts. I have these done and created by hand personally by me from my line of work I guess we can say. So I again was thinking of maybe buying VIP again and opening up a shop and seeing if anyone would buy them. Good thing is that these don't die much since they have promotions from 3 6 or 1 year or most people just keep paying for them. Anyways..... The question is: Would I be allowed to sell my accounts, or will it be pointless and I shouldn't even bother?

  16. Venom19

    Venom19 Banned User Banned

    It's totally hard for me to answer your question because:

    1. I have known you as a good guy BUT the management of CF doesn't know you so if you buy VIP and you sell, they will question you back on the new rules which is contribution. :spin:

    2. The second thing is, many people can use the words you use up there in your post to persuade the CF management to accept them once being VIP to sell and there we will have another problem, Who give authority for that particular VIP to sell without any contribution? The management of CF itself will have a headache. :facepalm:

    I know your intention is good as i know you for quite sometime but for me only speaking is not enough to get you through. Still people will question me, How come venom19 can approve "nothere" to sell after being a VIP?

    And if you do anything fishy ( sorry, i'm speaking generally here ) please don't get upset, If you unintentionally do something wrong, I will get the blame. So do those CF management who give authority for bypasser to sell once becoming a VIP.

    I hope you understand my point on this. I'm not against you but i feel myself that i cannot take anything or any action which denied the new rules of CF.

    I can still vouch for you but all final decision comes from the higher management of CF.

    Thank you.
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  17. nothere

    nothere New Member Regular Member

    Thanks for the reply Ven, appreciate the time. I completely understand you that if I screw up it will be in you but thanks again. :)

    I will wait till someone high up like you mentioned replies or send me a PM. If nothing I'll just PM one if them myself see if I can get a definitve answer on the matter.

    Thanks again :)
  18. PooMz

    PooMz New Member Regular Member


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