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Discussion in 'Old Announcements' started by Dolbyaudio, Dec 30, 2016.

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    So,hello boys and girls!

    Dolby writing you to let you know that he is leaving this forum as the Head admin doesn't give a fuck to trusted members of this forum,i have been here since long time.Learned many things on my own,helped lot this forum(and the head admins to fill their pockets,i never got a fucking thanks from them)I filled requests in vips,in elites,in normal request sections,posted a ton of accounts,you know me guys!

    Talked to the head admin to make some changes on this forum but he isn't interested and think i'm just talking....:D.

    Here is the screenshot to prove you that you can do what you want on this forum but you will get this reply,that's why sodusme,john and many others left this forum and are working on other more successfull forums.I have also got some offers,the cold headadmin knows and he replied this:


    So,think better and leave this forum,there is nothing in vip,there is nothing in free section,head admins are getting their money,admins are making money,moderators are having big hits using combos or accounts posted in vip.Elites like KEO AND ASIA accessing forum once a year and they are still elite.Try doing these things on some other forum....:D..you will be demoted..So,what are you doing here?I am saying a goodbye to all my customers and friends here on forum.My skype will always be available to my favourite customers.

    Wanted to do some better things with new ideas for you guys but they aren't interested.Told them that i was getting bored from what i was doing but they closed their eyes.They are red colored HEAD ADMIN,accessing forum once in a month then who is running it and why?

    People like dolby,filling vip's ,filling elite requests,filling requests in freepremium sections,posting accounts in vip,posting accounts in free and gifting account in shoutbox to keep this forum alive but for who and for what,for a fucking rank??????????????No idea!

    However,what to do on a forum,where you have to wait from 10-14 days to get your vip and what is in VIP?Accounts since 2015?:D

    So,a nice good bye to all of you guys and my leaving is a good gift for the market place sellers and a bad gift for the rest for the new year but i don't give a fuck,either do it good or nothing.Heads must know it!

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  2. Mr. James Bond

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    I am sorry to hear that DA. Wish you all the best as nothing else I can do.
  3. The Magician

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    Cracking scene in general is pretty shit compared to 5 years ago.

    Best wishes.
  4. N

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    Sad to hear that you are leaving the forum, and yes you are right, even I received those replies, sometimes I feel the same, I posted passes, and noone reply, nor even report if the pass is dead, you fill request and not a single thanks.

    But I'm not agree with 2 things that you said, the first one, your statement of "moderators are having big hits using combos or accounts posted in vip", I'm a mod, and I never use accounts from here, I can obtain my combos and hits by myself.
    and the second is the "good gift for the market place sellers", I don't know if you remember, but I told you my reasons of why I wanted to sell passes and it was for 1 purpose, and it was not the greed, but so far I'm not even close of my goal.

    Anyway, I only wish you the best, and I know in the forum you go, it will go well for you.
    Happy New Year
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  6. khanviprasys

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    admin had lost interest in the forum long ago . so as the members.

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