New Forum Theme (Dark?)

Discussion in 'Old Feedback & Suggestions' started by Jdogzz, May 2, 2016.

What kind of theme do you want?

  1. Light

  2. Dark

  1. Jdogzz

    Jdogzz Head Administrator Staff Member Head Admin

    I've been hearing from a few users that a dark theme would be preferable, and I am inclined to agree with them. I'm putting out a poll here to see what the forum consensus is, if any, and to get suggestions from users on Xenforo themes they think would be better. Leave your vote on the poll, and your links to potential themes in the comments.
  2. Mr. James Bond

    Mr. James Bond Moderator Staff Member Moderator Administrator

  3. The Magician

    The Magician Man of Mystery Staff Member Administrator

    A dark one would be cool :)
  4. tES

    tES Phu'nK

    Darkkkkkkkkkk theme ftw !

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