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Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Geocodes, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Geocodes

    Geocodes Head Admin Staff Member Head Admin

    Hi everyone,

    I apologize for all the downtime we experienced. We have migrated over to Xenforo and a new server for a fresh start. Due to some server failure and a series of unfortunate incidents, we have had to revert back to an 8 month old backup.

    I have finally finished school, which means I have more free time to spend on the forums. I really want to re-connect with all my old friends here so hopefully I can reach some of you. You can post in the thread for any suggestions to improve the experience. I know for the past few years we haven't done much but I would like to make things better for everyone.

    Of course, there is no excuse for the lack of activity and effort on my part. I can make no promises but I will try my best to be the administrator you all know once before. My PM box is open for anyone who wishes to speak with me personally. I will be answering every single PM I get starting today.

    For those who purchased VIP. Please PM Omnion when you purchased your VIP including a copy of your PayPal or Bitcoin transaction. You can PM Omnion here: http://crackingforum.com/index.php?conversations/add&to=Omnion

    For other staff who need to be re-instated you can also PM Omnion and we can apply the status to your account. If you have a reputation count that you would like to add over, you can PM me personally and we can work to see if we can resolve it.

    Due to a possible compromise in security in our older vBulletin forum, I urge all members to change their passwords.
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  2. FalconPunch420

    FalconPunch420 Active Member Regular Member

    Just an FYI, the new website looks awesome.
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  3. Mr. James Bond

    Mr. James Bond Moderator Staff Member Moderator Administrator

    We will see how everything will go :)
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  4. N

    N Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It's good to be back, hope we can improve so the forum be very active again, and The Magician hope find any bugs in the new forum.
  5. Dolbyaudio

    Dolbyaudio Banned User Banned Regular Member

    Welcome back!
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  6. napalmdeath

    napalmdeath Member Regular Member

    Whew... Thought it was RIP for a while!
  7. ind22d

    ind22d New Member Regular Member

    I didn't knew the admin was in school until lately, makes me feel old despite being in university
  8. Litvan

    Litvan Member Regular Member

    You're not the only one :)
    I was like "fuuuuu*k!!!" (despite me not being overly active here I do enjoy reading here and learning :) )

    Yeah, one can tell it's an old backup, post count is reset, not that I mind so.. I was reading more than I was writing anyway...

    And I really really like the 2-way auth! way to go on that one :D
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  9. Foensh

    Foensh Well-Known Member Regular Member

    What a relief it's back. I really thought it would have died though.
  10. SnoMan

    SnoMan New Member Regular Member

    Glad to have the site back. Thanks for all your hard work!
  11. tES

    tES Phu'nK

    @Geocodes Geo biatch !!! you alive :D ssup bro ? how is it going, still got that white board with you ?? And The new site looks dope...
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  12. Gauguin

    Gauguin New Member Regular Member

    Is it possible to have a darker skin? This one kills my eyes in the evening.
  13. Keo

    Keo Elite Member

    Welcome back CF!
  14. khanviprasys

    khanviprasys Well-Known Member Regular Member

    welcome back site looks great .
  15. leto12

    leto12 Member Regular Member

    Awesome theme for the forum !
  16. xeloto

    xeloto Member Regular Member

    great theme mate
  17. fastman61

    fastman61 Member Regular Member

  18. FrozeN2694

    FrozeN2694 New Member Regular Member

    The website looks amazing ! Nice work guys...
  19. stef77

    stef77 New Member Regular Member

  20. abdou700023

    abdou700023 New Member Regular Member


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