where is everyone from

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by FalconPunch420, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. FalconPunch420

    FalconPunch420 Active Member Regular Member

    I'm curious what countries you guys are from. A lot of the regulars seem like they speak English as a second language so I'm curious where everyone is typing from!
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  2. Mr. James Bond

    Mr. James Bond Moderator Staff Member Moderator Administrator

    Here and there. Not sure how many of the members would like to share that info with the others ;)
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  3. WetToiletPaper

    WetToiletPaper Well-Known Member Regular Member

    I'm from my mother's Stomach.:rolleyes:
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  4. BWN1

    BWN1 Member Regular Member

    haha true that. Originally from Senegal, stayed long time in UK and now in US. Not sure where will I be in the coming months. Its hard to tell.

    PS: Originally not from Senegal.
  5. David hennery

    David hennery New Member Regular Member

    Melbourne, Australia. English as first language.

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